I was really disgusted when I voted in the August 2018 primary. This voter was unaware of changes
to the ballot structure that would have been very useful to know about before I went to vote.

We should all vote IF we want to have a say, a rant, a position. I also think the privilege of voting
should be accompanied by some degree of investigation, at least some research into a politician’s stand
on the issues. For this reason, before the August primary I did some research on the candidates, where
they stood, their voting history, and their platforms. Actions speak volumes, words are manipulated.

I had my list. I checked it twice. There was no dirty, there was no nice. Just the list of people for
whom I planned to vote. The list was entirely non-partisan, as is my choice. It’s been that way for a while
now since no single party represents ME, my ideals, my hopes for a better future. I gave THAT a try. Betrayal is the norm. Betrayed by politicians, an ineffective electoral college, and government oversight organizations created to protect the people that do everything but. Leadership at these organizations is bought, traded, and sold to the highest bidder of industry.

The tiny sliver of idealism left in me after several years in this body, on this earth prefers to think that voting my conscience is the best I can do for humanity and allows me to sleep at night.


Back to the August primary: I got to the poll and promptly advised I am non-partisan so they handed me a ballot with nothing on it except for the two questions that were part of that primary. I objected. I complained. A few people present advised changes were made so that I HAD to pick a side, a party in order to receive a ballot with ANY candidates listed.

I reviewed my own list. I saw the variety of people my conscience wanted to vote in favor of. I quickly calculated, looking for a majority and made a resigned choice.

Apparently, that single action permitted every politician of this affiliation equal-opportunity access to my email, my address and any cross-references (or ISP or social media sell-outs) they could ascertain to contact me, to beg, to cajole, to influence. %$#$%&*@$!

I’ve downloaded the November ballot to make sure I won’t be wasting my time again, researching a variety of politicians and their ideals, their voting records, etc. I won’t be. This ballot is as it should have been in August. It returns some choice to me.

Our leadership’s contempt for civility, disregard for human decency, ineptitude, misogyny, inequality, utter ignorance of climate change, and more, may simplify future choices.

My new mantra about decisions of ALL kinds is:

Who FUNDED that article, that study, that perspective? Only then, will I be able to make as informed a choice as humanly possible.